About Me


My love of falconry began in south-west Scotland, as a child, fixed to the spot, watching the buzzards soar above my head with their haunting call.  Little has changed.  I am still transfixed by birds of prey, never losing the passion I have for these magnificent creatures.


I started my falconry career working in pest control on landfill sites, building and field clearance work over 17 years ago: then I progressed to managing a successful falconry centre for nearly 5 years running experience days, hunting days, hawk walks and teaching 1 day & 5 day courses.


Today I prefer to spend quality time with my own birds, making sure they are flown daily and giving them my undivided attention.  I set up Kingfisher Falconry to give people the chance to get really close to the birds, allowing them, in small groups, to handle and fly my birds.  I am also passionate about the therapeutic value of bringing birds of prey and humans together - whether experiences of trauma, PTSD, or mental health issues, working with birds of prey brings relief and a deeper understanding of what is going on and happening in that person's life.  EagleWind Therapy was born to provide that animal therapy need.


I have full public and employers liability insurance, have an Animal Activities Licence and DBS cleared for working with children.