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'The Power of Bird Spirit Medicine'



Medical science has proven that spending time with any animals helps us on so many levels.  It has been well documented in many medical journals that the therapeutic visits by animals in hospices, hospitals and nursing homes gives wide-ranging benefits - for some people pain relief, lifting depression, anxiety, etc.  In many care establishments animals help stimulate the mind and promote wellbeing.


In young hyper-sensitive children being close to birds of prey helps bring calmness and gives them a sense of responsibility.  Their energy becomes totally focused on the birds and how to look after them.

Bird Spirit Medicine isn't anything new.....and yet only a few understand the connection, the real connection between birds and humans. Birds of Prey have long had a connection as Spirit Messengers, musicians, teachers, communicators, guardians, role models and so much more. Traditional tribal communities have for centuries understood the vital role that birds have in our lives, not only from an environmental perspective but a spiritual one too. They knew how to really ‘see’ these majestic creatures, understand them and their role in the world, and with Spirit......something that has been lost today.

I have been lucky enough to immerse myself in 'Bird Spirit' teachings now for nearly 20 years, learning the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual connection these amazing birds offer. I’ve had some amazing teachers too from Navajo elders, South American Bird Shamans and Celtic teachers; all have encouraged me to ‘listen’ to my birds and allow them to develop and help where they can. And of course my main teachers have been my birds, most of whom are rescues and have so much to give.

As a Medicine Woman I have nearly 30 years behind me learning various spiritual methodologies and have used these teachings on myself....for the past 10 years I have brought a lot of these experiences and teachings to others. Feather Medicine and Bird Spirit Medicine are ones that make my heart sing, x.

Giving people the sacred space in which they can simply ‘be’ with the birds is amazing. There is no need for oral communication, there simply just needs to be a heart opening, honouring, acceptance of them.

I have worked with people from various backgrounds, helping disabled young children or adults, working 1-2-1 with young children overcoming difficult rehabilitation or surgery, working in end of life care, and for anyone who just wants to experience the connection with them. The medicine these birds bring to each individual is so transformative.

Sessions can be tailored to the needs of the individual or group, either 1.5 or 2 hours depending on what is needed.  A typical session may include only handling the birds, or simply taking a bird for a walk on the glove, or perhaps walking and flying the hawk to the glove concentrating on the therapeutic needs of the client.  Please give me a call to discuss your requirements.


All my birds are very happy to be handled and flown by the public.  I hold Full Public Liability Insurance for Kingfisher Falconry and am CRB (DBS) cleared to work with children and young adults.


Sessions take place on a private farm in the Blackdown Hills.

If you would like to take part in a scientific study to show how Animal Assisted Therapy can help with a wide range of symptoms then get in touch.  I am offering a scientific assessment session of 2 hours for £50 - there is a certain amount of paperwork to be filled in.


Costs for individual sessions for 1.5 hours are £55 (children £40), 2 hours £70 (children £55).


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