• Karen

Waiting for a really cold spell.....

A waiting game at the moment......just the last 2 roofs to go on the aviaries, then wood preservative to add everywhere (environmentally sound of course!), then birds can move in...or can they. Avian flu has hit quite close to me here in Somerset so part of me wants to move the birds in and get them settled the other part wants me to hang on and make sure avian flu has passed and all is safe. So concerned for my feathered friends at the moment. Still no flying...all resting until we get past this flu! Rosie meanwhile has dug her scrape and is in the process of calling for a male as her hormones run riot!! We so desperately need a really cold spell for more than 1 well as killing bugs it'll slow down Rosie too!

#Rosie #avianflu

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