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Aviaries almost finished & Avian Flu

Wonderful day today, once the rain stopped! Thanks to Kate & Andy, Dan & George for their help painting all the wood with eco-friendly wood preservative. Still need to get the roof onto Rosie and George's aviary...BUT Rosie now on her three eggs at home so can't move her now until end of March! George will be fine to move, hopefully end of Feb.

Update from vets is still not to fly, and rest up the birds until we find out if the precautions are lifted on Feb 28th. Birds and I are beginning to get really itchy feet and wings!! Need to be flying!! Going to hold out until the 28th and make a decision when to start flying on that date. The Hawks and Buzzard will take no time to get back on weight and up flying, however if the threat of frosts still hang in the air little Inca (Kestrel) and George (Barn Owl) will be kept fat until that threat has passed. My two falcons need to be flown....poor Khan came down with an upper respiratory infection last couple of weeks so he's enjoying time indoors resting and getting better - I'm sure if I was flying him his usual 6 days a week this would not have happened. Looking forward to the avian flu threat to go........

Managed to capture some of the kids from the Falconry Club who helped today with the painting - thank you guys!

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