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Summer has flown (!) by....

Summer has really flown has been so busy. Birds have all been brilliant, as have my regular young helpers Dan & Kate. New volunteers have been enlisted to help with the 'behind the scenes work' so a big welcome and thank you to Julie, Lynne and Sarah. Lots of groups have come down to the Farm to handle and fly the birds, then indulge in Chris's wonderful cake and tea/coffee in The Old Dairy kitchen. AND the weather has been great for me...only a few days where I had to postpone as it was either too wet or too windy. Can't complain this summer. Wonderful to meet lots of budding new falconers too in the Falconry School throughout the summer holidays.

Falconry Club starts back again this coming Saturday so looking forward to teaching newbies all about falconry. George the Barn Owl and Inca the Kestrel will continue flying until we start getting frosty nights - so hoping to keep them flying until end of October. Kai my Harris Hawk is coming out of his aviary this weekend to start back flying and I might just give Kalil time out for a couple of months - he's worked so hard this year; a real star, and come on so much with his flying. Khan has shown no signs of his early episode of Asper, and has flown 6 days per week right through late Spring and summer. Eela the Harris Hawk has been so good with kids and adults, doing her usual at times chasing something (!) to keep us fit!! Artemis has become a puzzle......I'm thinking more 'Artem' than 'is'. Flying weight of the Buzzard would dictate a male....but he/she is flying brilliantly. All in all it has been an amazing summer here at Trill.

Looking forward to slowly winding down....still got the October half-term to run another falconry afternoon for children to organise. See you soon, Karen.

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