• Dr Karen Stead-Dexter

Animal Assisted Therapy

Start of a new year and the start of something really significant for me - Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) assessments with Birds of Prey. AAT has conventionally been conducted and researched with horses, dogs even parrots! But nothing in the scientific literature with birds of prey. Since I have been conducting therapy sessions with the birds now for over 10 years I thought it was about time to get my science head on and start documenting what I do....and furthermore get it recognised by the scientific community.

So during 2021, I will be collating lots of data whilst undertaking the therapy sessions. If you want to partake in this research I am offering a 2 hour EagleWind Therapy session for £50 - there is quite a bit of paperwork involved....but worth it in the end.

AAT is really big for me, and not just with my birds....with lots of other animals too. Lot of interesting projects will take flight (!) for me this year and I just need to make sure they are documented in a way that I can publish and present the data in a way that the scientific community understands!!

If you want to get involved then get in touch.......

And thank you! x

07710 978203

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